Texas A&M Grad Makenzie Noland Feeds Gator For Her Graduation IGs


It Just Means More…that means that Texas A&M graduate Makenzie Noland gets right in the water to feed a gator (probably a crocodile and I’ll be corrected by those of you who are experts in this field) for her graduation IGs and now those IGs have sorta gone viral, being picked up by the BBC which means the U.K. media will swarm.
Mackenzie didn’t just get in that water as if she’s some rookie. This is part of her internship.

“I get in the water with that animal every day – he’s one of my best friends there!” she tells the BBC, shrugging off a question about being scared.
“Starting from a young age I was always picking up snakes, holding animals, talking to kids and educating the public,” she says of her love of wildlife.

Graduation is Friday and then she can start making big money getting in the water with gators. The BBC even went out and found an expert to give analysis on gators and people getting in the water to feed them. Simon Pooley, a reptile expert at Birkbeck University says:

Alligators do seem to be temperamentally less aggressive towards people than some of the larger crocodiles, but if an animal that size wants to kill you, it can.
An alligator can learn to know and trust somebody like this under certain conditions over time, but it’s not something you can do with any gator.
Putting a hand in or near a croc’s mouth is often the idiotic thing to do because it can trigger a feeding reflex.

Your move IG. I need to see something better than this. One of you should stick your arm in a gator’s mouth and see what happens.



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