Buy This North Dakota State Tailgate Ambulance — $1,950

via Craigslist
Another season of domination is probably in the cards for the North Dakota State Bison. Seriously, a disappointing season for this program is like nine wins, and that hasn’t happened in like eight years. It’s been nothing but championships since. What I’m getting at here is this North Dakota State tailgate ambulance priced at $1,950 is probably worth the investment since nonstop winning is the best.
via Craigslist
The current family no longer needs it since they have kids, thus the Bison ambulance needs a new home. It’s a story all too common with these tailgate ads. Issues include a small oil leak and air conditioner issues, which is to be expected — it’s a car $2,000 ambulance made in 1986.
From the ad:

1986 Ford ambulance for sale in time for NDSU football season. We’ve used it for several seasons as the base for our tailgating group in the west lots. It also worked great to store and haul all of our tailgating gear. Although it’s certainly not new, it runs great and has been well cared for. It’s got lots of room to store tents, chairs, heaters, tables, and all of your tailgating needs.
Known Issues:
– a little rust, but nothing that goes all the way through
– there is a small oil leak around the oil filter and seepage around the oil pan
– air conditioner could use a recharge
– fuel gauge works sporadically

*As always, no one on BC has connections to the seller and will not receive commission on a potential sale.
via Craigslist

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