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Horse racing on the Vegas strip? Sign me up

LVRJ – Imagine standing in front of the Bellagio fountains and watching as eight thoroughbred racehorses and their jockeys go thundering past on the Strip, cheered on by thousands of screaming onlookers…
…“Throughout the world, the racing bodies we’ve spoken to say the same thing: They are struggling to attract an audience,” Phillips told TDN. “We believe this is a fantastic platform for those bodies to communicate to a different, new, and dare I say, younger audience.”
The logistics of creating a pop-up racing venue on a city street are daunting. In addition to the 5-furlong (five-eighths-of-a-mile) course, the races would require quickly creating and tearing down a 100-meter area behind the starting gate and a 200-meter gallop-out past the finish line, collapsible safety rails, a second barrier to keep fans at a safe distance and timing equipment.

What an incredible idea. Pop-up horse races in cities that can be in and out in 24-48 hours? Genius.  Vegas being the first city they’re looking to do this in makes so much sense, too. You’ll have drunk people who’ve been gambling for 12 straight hours stumble out of a casino and come across this looking to win their money back. And you know the degenerates who sit in the sportsbook and bet ponies all day will love this too. Fantastic idea.

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Lauren Oshie Doing Some Gardening, Matt Leinart Still On His Honeymoon With Josie & A Philly Special Car
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