Astros Fans Fight Homeless Man Outside Minute Maid Park

There was some trash behavior spotted outside Minute Maid Park on Sunday as two Astros fans — one meathead, one woman — picked a fight with a homeless man for no apparent reason. Highlights from the video above include the woman rifling through the homeless guy’s belongings, and her man taking a big swing at him.
YouTube user “Jeff10thMoutainDivision raw footage” provided the following description to the video:

After the Astros game on July 29 2018, a homeless man had his bag stolen by an intoxicated fan leaving the stadium after the game. Cops were contacted, but they said that they couldn’t do anything since the homeless man fled the scene.

KHOU reported on this story and actually caught up with the homeless man, Christopher Yawn, for his version of the incident. He claims he was shoved by the man in white and retaliated with a shove of his own. Yawn also said he tried to press charges against the couple but was told to “get lost.”

“She went through my backpack and threw the battery pack that I had. Then she grabbed my phone and threw it on the ground. I went to grab my backpack and it started all again. They hit me,” Yawn said.
Yawn admits he shoved the man before the camera started rolling, but he claims the other guy shoved first.
“It’s messed up, because I can’t swing back. I can’t do nothing, because I’ll go to jail. But the next man who swung on somebody and hit me ain’t in jail,” Yawn said. “Really, I think its messed up, because people look at us like they’re nothing. That’s not right. We are something. We are a human being.”
Houston Police couldn’t find a report for the incident Monday.
“I was there trying to press charges. The HPD officer told me to get lost, that corporate, the man over him, told him that me and my brother had to get lost,” he said.

Reddit user AirborneForever, who claims to be the man in the Jose Altuve jersey, says Yawn did nothing wrong and merely asked for a bottle of water — though he might’ve bumped into the woman:

I’m in this video (Altuve jersey). The homeless guy did absolutely nothing wrong. He asked for a bottle of water and POSSIBLY bumped into the woman you see in the video. I broke this fight up multiple times. A lot more happened than whats shown in this video.
From what I understand, the guy in the white was arrested. I know for a fact the homeless guy (and his brother) were sent on their way.

Another user on the Houston Reddit (Kloned_quist) took a picture of the classy couple after they were detained by police:
[protected-iframe id=”bb08ae318ffa1e192e4c1740ee5d146e-22577676-53282995″ info=”//” class=”imgur-embed-pub”]

The video report from KHOU, which includes the interview with the homeless man:


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