Report: Tiger And Phil’s Winner-Take-All Match Will Take Place Thanksgiving Weekend

Back in July, reports were swirling that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were planning a televised, $10 million dollar winner-take-all match play round to finally give the people what they want, even it’s about 10 years too late. We were reportedly very close to seeing this match on July 3rd, but negotiations fell through and have been trying to work out the details on another date since.

Today we have those details and this round isn’t going to save us from the dog days like we hoped. Thanksgiving weekend – right smack dab in the middle of football season – at Shadow Creek in Vegas.

ESPN – The much-anticipated one-on-one showdown between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will take place in November at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas, sources told ESPN’s Mike Greenberg.

The event will be either Friday (Nov. 23) or Saturday (Nov. 24) of Thanksgiving weekend. The purse is still being determined, but it has been reported previously as a $10 million payout.

Hopefully, this Thanksgiving showdown goes much smoother than the last one for Tiger. I get what he’s doing, trying to bump down those “Tiger + Thanksgiving” Google results if he’s able to win this thing. Smart.

Now, on one hand, this match is still going to be must-see TV because it’s Tiger and Phil mono a mono for one round for a large sum of money (purse yet to be determined and I still think they should put up their own money to really make this thing interesting). On the other hand, this is possibly the worst weekend they’ve could’ve picked.

I was hoping they could get this thing done for the middle of August sometime. That would’ve been perfect. Pre-season football is rolling along, we haven’t fully turned on football mode yet, so you take one weekend to put this on and carry us into football season. Instead, we get it during rivalry college football weekend and week 12 of the NFL where the playoff picture is just taking shape. Just an awful choice of a weekend to put this on.

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Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods hitting at the same time on the range @WGC_Bridgestone

— Francis Keogh (@HonestFrank) August 1, 2018