Pro Football Hall Of Fame Is New Owner Of John Madden's Bus

Been looking for a new reason to head to the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Here you go…you’ll now get the chance to take a look inside the infamous Madden Cruiser which has been donated to the HOF by the GOAT. That’s right, Air Force museums have planes and now the Pro Football HOF has a giant 1987 Greyhound bus that was tricked out for Madden to ride around in instead of flying.
The HOF gave a sneak peak back in June, but the leadership didn’t indicate that the bus would be a permanent fixture. Until now. It’s go time this week in Canton.
Big announcement this morning just hit the inbox via the HOF:

Legendary Hall of Famer JOHN MADDEN recently donated his original “Madden Cruiser” to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The bus arrived in Canton several weeks ago and has recently undergone a makeover to return to its original look. The restored exterior will be showcased to guests at the Pro Football Hall of Fame throughout the 2018 Enshrinement Week Powered by Johnson Controls.

The original Greyhound bus was converted into the “Madden Cruiser” in 1987. Madden transitioned from his Hall of Fame coaching career into what became an iconic broadcasting career and decided he no longer wanted to fly. He opted to travel long distances by train until it became inconvenient and decided a bus would be the perfect alternative.

The interior of the “Madden Cruiser” is in its original condition and features what was then, state-of-the-art technology, that includes two color televisions, a telephone and intercommunications system, a citizens band radio, two laser disc players, a built-in vacuum cleaner, a stereo system and a videotape player. There is also a queen-size bed in a private bedroom along with a full bathroom and a kitchenette complete with a microwave oven. The bus was driven by several drivers over the years, but Willie Yarbrough of Los Angeles was the first driver of the “Madden Cruiser” that covered 55,000 miles in that first year.

At least one lady loved the Cruiser:

Fond memories of that bus:

• Thanksgiving Day games when Madden would have his meal in the bus
Frank Caliendo as Madden on a bus
• This classic photo of John just riding to his next destination with Roger
From Sports Illustrated in 2014:

CBS once rented Dolly Parton’s tour bus for John Madden, as a solution for his famous fear of flying. Soon after that he got his own vehicle, and The Madden Cruiser became an icon in itself. The custom bus debuted in the 1980s and logged 80,000 miles annually, transporting John Madden to his broadcast gigs across the country.
It had all the essentials: a bed, a stocked refrigerator and a mobile office where Madden broke down film or got his coaching buddies on the horn. Madden already had plenty on his résumé when he became a broadcaster: During 10 seasons as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, he won Super Bowl XI and was the youngest coach to reach 100 wins. But he earned the affection of fans nationwide in his second career, as a color commentator for all four major TV networks, with his coach’s eye and endearing Madden-isms—Boom! Doink!

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