SportsCenter Anchor Nicole Briscoe After Botching A Highlight: “F***ed That One Up”

“Fucked that one up” @espn 🤣

— Will Belichick (@TexasHeat12) July 28, 2018

I still love a good ‘ol fashioned f-bomb on live TV. Something about the stigma of not being able to curse on television makes it so great when one slips by. Especially on ESPN, who once told their employees to stop saying “suck” so much on air. 

That’s SportsCenter anchor Nicole Briscoe letting the f*ck fly this morning. Sounds like she got her tongue twisted on a top 10 highlight. It wasn’t a very smooth transition to next number in the countdown, so she slipped in a nice “F*cked that one up” before David Lloyd could get going on the #8 play. I’m not sure if she thought her mic was off or if the f-bomb just slipped out on accident. Maybe she just didn’t give AF and did it intentionally because the highlight was botched so badly.

If that’s the case, Briscoe just got herself a new fan.

UPDATE: The SportsCenter PR guy reached out to me to clarify that Briscoe said “flubbed”, not “f*cked”. I’m not convinced. 

Hot mics are the greatest

Clearest hot mic of all-time?

— Dan (@AtIantaDan) July 22, 2018