Saquon Barkley Just Became The 4th Highest Paid Runnings Back In The NFL

Saquon Barkley finally got around to signing his rookie deal with Giants this afternoon. Just your typical fully guaranteed 4-year, 31.2 million dollar rookie running back deal. Pretty decent for a guy who’s played exactly zero NFL snaps.

The thing about it is, he’s almost definitely worth all of that money. Somehow in NFL era where the leading rusher last year was a rookie third round pick from Toledo and you can basically find quality running backs at any point in the draft, we have a guy who’s totally worth being paid like he’s a 7-year vet with a few Pro Bowls under his belt.

This deal just made him the 4th highest paid running back in the league. I watched what he did to defenses last fall, it was like a cheat code. He’s the definition of a phenom, the hype is worth it and so is the money.

I look forward to watching stuff like this every Sunday

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