Frida Aasen Might Land A Starting QB, Tommy Brady's Big Beach Day & Walmart Twitter Goes After The Vols

The British Open coverage gets rolling at 9:30 a.m. on the Golf Channel…and baseball IS BACK tonight…and the X Games get rolling in Minneapolis. I’d love to know what the X Games would look like if it were on FS1 or NBCSN. Nobody would watch. NOBODY. Only way people realize it’s on TV is because people land on ESPN at 10 and there it is. One thing leads to another and you hope that some guy crashes. You’ll also get some WNBA action. Enjoy.
• Frida Aasen is going to mess around & get herself a starting NFL QB
Tommy Brady’s big day at the beach
Walmart Twitter goes after Tennessee football & it’s brutal
The Brady Bunch house is for sale…the one you saw at the beginning of the show
Bold strategy for Kawhi: Enter Canada illegally, get kicked out and then what would the NBA do?
We have a TV newsman sexting controversy in OKC
This Florida Man might have some mental issues
Here’s Lex from the University of Tampa

The Open Lego Video of the Century

Cheeseburger of the Day

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