Paul George Signing With The Thunder Absolutely Floored Brian Windhorst

Paul George stunned a lot of people Sunday morning when he decided to re-sign with the Thunder and not give the Lakers the time of day. An entire year of Lakers hype went down the drain instantly as PG effectively committed the prime of his career to OKC by signing a four-year, $137 million deal.

No one in the industry had a better reaction to this stunner than ESPN Insider and expert LeBronologist Brian Windhorst, who had himself a moment on “The Jump” discussing the move:

"This is him basically giving a giant hug to Oklahoma City."@WindhorstESPN was STUNNED by the Paul George contract.

— NBA on ESPN (@ESPNNBA) July 1, 2018

What was the reaction from Lakerland, where way too many entitled people probably jumped the gun? Salty, would be an appropriate one-word description:

PG probably the biggest bitch I know on god, how you basically gonna commit to the lakers a year ago, then yo pussy ass come 2018 free agency resigns with OKC. @Yg_Trece you a fucking cupcake, have fun with first round exits for the rest of your career and becoming Carmelo 2.0!

— CHAMPIONSHIPS ALBUM OF THE YEAR OUT NOW (@hoodrich_hect) July 1, 2018

Kobe was right. Only certain people are built for the Lakers. He soft. Man I miss Kobe.

— Antonyo Harris (@aviziion) July 1, 2018

Paul George is scared of the lime light!! @Yg_Trece

— blu CEO (@blu_ceo) July 1, 2018

Paul George the biggest bitch in the league. Get out the first round with that shit point you have bum. Fuck you and don't ever try to come to the lakers we don't want your bum ass bitch. Go try to block James Harden's layup pussy.

— Karo (@karomirzaa) July 1, 2018