Lindsey Vonn And PK Subban Seem To Be Enjoying Their Euopean Vacation

Things appear to be moving pretty quickly with Lindsey Vonn and PK Subban. Granted, we don’t know how long they were privately dating before they went public as a couple at the beginning of June, but a European vacation together this early in a relationship must mean things are pretty pretty serious.
Obviously, I’m looking through the glass of a normal person here who can’t afford to go gallivanting across Europe with my significant other three weeks into a relationship. It’s just not worth it, it;s far too early for that. But these are rich people we’re talking about here. They can afford to do these things and even if they end up hating each other by the time they’re boarding the flight home, the dent to the wallet isn’t hurting them. PK’s got that EA sports money now.
With all that said, they seem to be having a decent time.
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From what I can tell, there have been stops in France and Italy so far. PK is living his best life as he’s been known to do pretty much every off-season. Now he’s just got a new honey tagging along.

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