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You ready for two bowl games in Vegas?

Well, the Raiders new stadium will need a bowl game and you’ll still have the Las Vegas Bowl, so here we go with more bowl games in Vegas. From the LVRJ:

Saccenti said the bowl recently presented seven options to the Raiders, everything from hosting one game or two, to playing before or after Christmas or both. He said the Raiders weren’t prepared to make any commitments because it’s early in the process for them, but the Las Vegas Bowl is under a much tighter deadline given the NCAA calendar.

But with the move into a 65,000-seat Raiders stadium near the Strip — almost double Sam Boyd’s size — there is interest from major conferences in sending teams to Las Vegas, which could leave the Mountain West out of the picture.
“Every conference is working on plans for the next bowl cycle, and any number of scenarios are possible,” the Mountain West said in a statement. “We will share our structure once things are finalized in the coming months.”

Uh, of course major conferences are interested in sending their teams to a bowl at the Raiders stadium. You think the B1G would rather play in Vegas or the Motor City Bowl or whatever they call that one these days? Give me B1G vs. Pac-12 in Vegas. Hell, give me lower tier SEC vs. B1G in Vegas. Let those fans tear it up for a couple days. Pack the place.

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