Mo Bamba Is Already Shutting Down Thirsty Girls On IG

Mo Bamba out of Texas went #6 to the Magic during Thursday night’s NBA draft and is a guy who has all the potential in the world if he pans out and develops an offensive game. Now, I don’t know what kind of NBA player Mo Bamba will turn out to be. He could easily turn into the next Hakeem Olajuwon or he could be the next Hasheem Thabeet. Who the hell knows. But I think I’m ready to declare him the steal of the draft.
Not even 24 hours after the draft and he had Texas girls shooting their shot on social media. He hasn’t even stepped on an NBA court yet and he’s already out here swatting shots to the moon.
via emilyylisette/IG
via emilyylisette/IG
I can’t really blame these chicks for diving in head first like this. That’s the name of the name these days. You gotta put yourself out there. But on the other hand, this is kinda guy I want on my team. Someone who won’t get totally distracted from the IG models that are about to be coming his way.

Let’s go to the scouting report

I think he’ll be fine blocking out these thirsty girls.
From Draft Express:

-Has the tools to be a monster defensively. Nimble enough to step out and switch ball screens, space defending and using his huge reach to contest. Quick enough to recover to blocks at the rim if beat. Length and quick leaping should help him develop into an excellent rim protector. Good instincts and timing. Lifetime 4.1 blocks per 40 minutes. Figures to have an immediate impact on the defensive end if he’s willing to embrace that role and play with consistent energy.

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