Lauren Oshie Is On A Heater, Troy Aikman Enjoying Hawaii & A Rare Favre Atlanta Jersey In The Wild

How about this (alleged) Vegas scammer:

From the LVRJ:

A man parked a refrigerated box truck outside a Las Vegas Valley casino, got out wearing a lanyard and occasionally carrying a clipboard, and strolled inside through a back entrance.
A while later, he walked back out, but this time taking with him items stolen from the casino. He loaded them into the truck and drove away.
It’s a pattern Las Vegas police say he repeated at major casino properties throughout the valley, a recently released Metropolitan Police Department arrest report shows.

So what did he get away with?

…stealing an assortment of items, including mattresses, televisions, “prototype auto electronics,” beauty products, furniture, light fixtures, an iPad and a photo booth.

A photo booth? C’mon Vegas, you have to be way more secure than this. These Vegas criminals will stop at nothing to scam your asses of anything you’re willing to give up. So not only are the sports books getting robbed, we have the loading docks getting ripped off too. Wild times in Sin City.

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