Wendell Carter And His Family Are Dripping In Gucci

via ESPN

The NBA Draft is far from over, but we can go ahead and anoint Wendell Carter as a big-time winner from a fashion standpoint.

I mean, when was the last time you’ve seen a lottery pick, and his family, all swagged out in matching Gucci? Forget Trae Young’s shorts, Shai Gilgeous Alexander’s floral suit, and Jaren Jackson Jr.’s loud jacket, the Gucci Black Panther theme is a look that will be referenced in future drafts.

via ESPN

Megan Ann Wilson tweeted a photo of Wendell and his father shopping at Gucci pop up shop:

As far as the draft is concerned, Carter went No. 7 overall to the Chicago Bulls. Per RealGM, he’s looking at a first-year salary around $3.66 million (and $4.3 million in year two), so he should be able to pay off that fat Gucci bill with ease.

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