Meet Theresa Jørgensen — Wife Of Denmark Striker Nicolai Jørgensen

We aren’t big soccer guys around here, so I’m not going to sit here and pretend I can run down the career highlights of Nicolai Jørgensen. I know (based off his Wikipedia) that his current club is Feyenoord, who plays in the best league in Denmark. I know that he’s playing this afternoon against Peru in Denmark’s opening World Cup game. And that’s about where my knowledge about Nicolai ends.
But we aren’t here to talk about Nicolai, so let’s focus on his new bride Theresa, who is a certified rocket. A ten out of ten, folks. I took a gander through her Instagram page today and noticed that these two just tied the knot back in April. Smart, get that thing over and done with before you head off to Russia.
We don’t know too much about Theresa, but this is what she has to say in her bio from her own website,

I just started my 25th year in life, and I am currently living in the Netherlands. Currently, because due to my husband’s job as a professional soccer player, we never know where we are gonna go next. His name is Nicolai, and he is my biggest love. We just got married this summer at the most magical wedding, which I will tell you more about further on. We live in Rotterdam with our little dog Alfred. He is such a charmer with his big personality, and I bring him with me around on airplanes all the time, to make our busy life work out.
Because I love to travel and to see more of what this world has to offer. I love to discover new places, and I love to go back to places I been before. Therefore I do not see this hectic moving around football-life as such a terrible thing. We get to live a daily life different cities around the world, instead of only seeing the place where we grew up. It is something else than “just traveling” to a new place, and I really think we are blessed to have this opportunity to experience different cultures and countries.
And after 3 house movings in a year, I’m quite a pro mover! Well weirdly enough, I find myself very comfortable in this hectic life. I like to find new ways around, and I like when everything is not going too much into boring routines 😉

Hopefully, Denmark can make a run in this thing and we can get some camera cutaways to Theresa. She has star potential written all over her.

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