Clemson Wide Receiver Tee Higgins Didn't Buy A McLaren Off Some Greasy Car Dealer, You Idiots

It wouldn’t be the summer without some sort of drama over a college athlete possibly owning a new(ish) car and it causing rivals to lose their shitt over the thought of a college kid benefitting from his athletic prowess. Enter Tee Higgins, a Clemson wide receiver who was a Mr. Tennessee during high school, and a photo at a greaseball dealership where the greaseballer had Higgins pose in front of a McLaren for a photo.
One thing leads to another and the dealer posts a photo on Facebook and all hell breaks loose because it looks like Higgins is the new owner of a McLaren.
From the Greenville News:

True Auto Mart in Piedmont posted a photo on its Facebook page of Higgins standing in front of a McLaren Spider alongside Tim Thompson, the owner and president of the dealership in Piedmont.

Higgins did not purchase the vehicle in the photo, which costs approximately $200,000, nor any other vehicle.

Thompson, who describes himself as “not that big of a sports fan,” gave Higgins a ride in the sports car. Higgins also test drove a Dodger Charger while at the dealer.

Of course Clemson sent the dealership a cease and desist over the photo. As you’d expect, Vols fans were right in the middle of the action raising hell like normal. That’s why I really enjoy Vols fans. Quiet week in June and they know how to fire things up around here. I’d have it no other way.
As for Tee and mom, the chip on the shoulder has been activated.

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