Sophia Phalen Makes It Helicopter Official With Bryson DeChambeau

About 24 hours after IG superstar Sophia Phalen revealed on IG Story that Bryson DeChambeau was in her bathroom and then giving her a kiss before going to work, this relationship IS OFFICIAL and by official I mean Bryson had Sophia fly around with him on his (I’m assuming) rented helicopter.
I’m not an expert on how relationships work these days, but I assume once you make it helicopter official on IG, it’s about as official as it gets. For those who are new around here, Sophia Phalen got on our radar a couple years ago when she vacationed with some utility infielder from the Mets. I forget that guy’s name these days, but he emailed us earlier this year wanting things erased from the Internet. Then there was Sophia’s relationship with Mike Napoli last summer, I think. That kept us busy for a few months, but that was nothing like dating one of the PGA’s rising stars.
Let’s not forget that these golfers are now in a hot chick arms race. You have DJ locking down Paulina. You have Rickie locking down Allison Stokke. The Baker’s Bay boys are all locking and loading with wives. Hell, even Pat Perez is laying the wood and not being shy about it on IG. Plus, you always have to be nervous that Tiger will show up on your turf to be Mr. Steal Yo Girl.
Now we root like hell for DeChambeau this week and watch the pageviews add up. I need that guy in a playoff against Fowler.

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