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We have a suspect in the Circus Circus double murder

From the Las Vegas Sun:

Immediately after the “vicious” and mortal stabbing of a pair of tourists in their Strip hotel room, the suspect casually strolls out of the property, his demeanor calm as he tinkers on his cellphone and hauls a victim’s bag on his back.

Metro Police on Wednesday broadcast surveillance footage from inside Circus Circus with the intention that someone in the public recognizes the random-burglary suspect, who’s gone unidentified for five days, and calls police.

Seemingly by chance, the suspect ended inside the 21st floor room of Sang Boi Nghia, 38, a tour operator from Vietnam, and an unidentified Vietnamese co-worker from the company, where he stabbed them multiple times, Spencer said. “It is possible the suspect simply opened the door.”

Numbers from :

The @warriors had no trouble getting to the basket in Game 3.

They shot 18-21 on uncontested FG within 3 feet of the basket in Game 3, the most such makes and attempts this postseason.

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) June 7, 2018

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A wrong-way driver was reportedly on LSD & thought he was in the game Grand Theft Auto when he led deputies on a chase through 2 counties https://t.co/OxYqJ8EAUi pic.twitter.com/tDjrp793cw

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