Woman Arrested For Allegedly Setting Small Fires In Kauffman Stadium


It was a bad night all around for the Kansas City Royals: they were the third team in the league to hit 40 losses after getting shutout by Andrew Heaney, and back home, Kauffman Stadium was subjected to a number of small fires allegedly set by a woman named Bridget DePriest.
Details from The Kansas City Star:

She told security that she had been in the stadium since she entered through a gate on the southeast side about 8 a.m. Tuesday. While there, she walked the field and the stadium.
The security officer said he noticed what appeared to be trash and a trash bag on the field. He told her to get it and leave. After she collected the items and put them in a bag, she left them by the south side of the dugout, police said.
As she left the stadium, security called police.
The security officer said he’d have to check surveillance video to determine how long she had been in the stadium. While checking out where debris had been left on the field, police discovered that three small fires had been set, causing burn marks in the grass.

The 36-year-old DePriest was issued a summons for trespassing and open burning.
The Royals have five more games remaining on their west-coast roadtrip and will return home next week. The field will probably be fine, though will likely be subjected to more fires as the season rolls on.

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