Zach Ertz Vs. Fox News Is The Battle You Want To Read About At Lunch

Fox News has now deleted its tweet referencing a report done last night on one of its shows where the host talks about the Eagles being bad for America, then a producer calls for footage of the Eagles being disrespectful to the flag, the troops, to baby mommas, etc. The only problem is that some of the footage used shows Eagles players praying (presumably) to the same god that Fox News employees pray to.
Annnnnnnnndddddd….you have instant drama. Of course all the left wing sites go nuts, the right wingers lap up the Fox News report to support the voices in their heads and left wingers go on the offensive. One of the guys who wasn’t having any of Fox’s bullshitt was Eagles tight end Zach Ertz. He went off the offensive and ripped the station for trying to connect kneeling for god to kneeling against the flag.
And on and on and on and on we go. Day after day after day. So we stick to sports, it’s like watching a tennis match amongst morons. Not Ertz, of course. One side is filled with warriors who want a fight on a daily basis. The other side is just filled with morons who were C- government students in high school.
Look, it would be very easy to make a fortune off morons from each side. All you have to do is cause a tennis match on a daily basis and they’re either RTing your shitt or they’re clicking on your work and those CPMs just keep rolling along. I just don’t have the energy to engage. That’s why I’ll give Clay credit for keeping at it as long as he has. I’d be in a grave by now. I’d rather be out in the back yard planting and watering flowers. It gives me peace from all you idiots. Not Ertz, he just wants credit for praying before going out there to get his head scrambled.

Here’s one screenshot that included Ertz:

Fox has responded through Christopher Wallace:

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