Urban Meyer Wears A 2014 National Championship Jacket While Speaking To Recruits In Front Of Jim Harbaugh

Everybody always talks about the petty wars that constantly go on in the NBA, but let’s not forget about college football coaches here. They are some of the pettiest to do it, especially Harbaugh and Urban Meyer. They’re always out here taking subtle shots at each other in the media.
Today, they were together at a camp at Grand Valley State in Michigan and had coaches speaking to all the potential recruits. Urban, knowing Harbaugh was going to be in attendance, showed up rocking his 2014 national championship jacket.
Don’t tell me these guys aren’t petty.

Not only that, he stood up there in national championship jacket and talked about being successful in rivalries! Right in Harbaugh’s grill!

This is how it goes in the recruiting game. You gotta play dirty. We have a camp full of potential recruits sitting in here, of course Urban is going to dunk on Harbaugh with his jacket. Let everyone in the room know who’s 3-0 in The Game vs the guy standing behind them. Love it.


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