Bradley Zimmer Just Turned In A Web Gem Of The Year Nominee

via Fox Sports
Checking in from your Sunday afternoon baseball slate we have Bradley Zimmer covering more ground out in center than the White Walkers did in like 6 seasons of Game Of Thrones. This is an instant web gem nominee we have here. Full extension, full superman. There are few things as satisfying in sports than an outfielder totally laying out for a ball. Beautiful.
He got some air, too. A rare upward trajectory diving catch.

Bradley Zimmer has been known to make these kinds of catches. The dude puts his body on the line out there in center and that’s what I want out of my outfielders. A guy who’s literally willing to lay his body out there or run directly into a wall. The man just makes plays.
Last year was his first full season in the bigs. I look forward to seeing stuff like this for many years.

He did something similar last year

And here’s another one from last year

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