Watch This UFC Fighter Knocks Himself Out With A Body Slam Gone Wrong

We’ve said this before, but we aren’t huge UFC guys around these parts. We pretty much stick to the bigger fights that have a national appeal. Maybe that’ll change once this ESPN/UFC deal kicks in next year.
What I’m trying to say is that basically, we aren’t tuning in to UFC Fight Night from Utica, New York on a summer Friday night. HOWEVA, as Stephen A would say, you give me a wild highlight from a random fight night and I’ll be all over that. That’s the beauty of MMA. You don’t have to know the fighters or be totally invested to enjoy it.
So let’s get to the video. This comes from one of the prelim fights from last night. Jarred Brooks attempted some sort of bodyslam that looked just like a Canadian Destroyer (a professional wrestling move) and it ended so so badly.

You probably had to watch it a couple times to really see what happened. I sure did, at least. It looked like he successfully executed that move until we saw him knocked out cold and taking fists to the face. The risk-reward here was unbelievable. This could have very easily been a blog about Jarred Brooks pulling off an unbelieve KO with this bodyslam. Instead, it went the other way. Tough break, kid.
Side note: Jarred Brooks is nicknamed “The Monkey God”. You can’t embarrass yourself like that with such an incredible nickname. You just can’t.

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