Tigers Fan/Veterinarian Who Saved The Comerica Park #RallyGoose Got To Throw Out The First Pitch

The #RallyGoose is all the rage right now in Detroit after the situation we had last night at Comerica Park. If you’re not up to speed, go ahead and watch the video above. We had a rogue goose make its way into the stadium and eventually try to fly away after the grounds crew tried to catch him. Instead of making a grand escape, he flew directly into the scoreboard and took a hard fall.
Luckily for this goose, there was a doctor in the house. Dr. Catherine Roach, a veterinarian, came to this bird’s aid and set him free before the ballgame even ended.

As a sign of appreciation, the Tigers brought her back for their day game this afternoon and she got to toss out a ceremonial first pitch.

Now the #RallyGoose is officially a thing in Detroit. Last year the Cardinals had a Rally Cat, obviously we all remember the Rally Monkey with the Angels and I’m pretty sure there was a Rally Praying Mantis at one point. Now it’s the goose’s turn. The Tigers already had the stuffed goose by the dugout this afternoon.

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