30 NSFWBDs React To Bryan Colangelo's Burner Accounts & Ben Simmons Dating Kendall Jenner

What a day for basketball in Philadelphia. Not only did we get the news that Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo might’ve been fuccin around with five or so burner Twitter accounts, news also dropped last night that Kendall Jenner was making it official with Ben Simmons. That’s right, another female from the Kardashian clan has hooked up with someone from the NBA. I know that’s a big shocker to all of you out there, but they know how to keep the money train rolling along.
And think about this for a minute…the Kardashians/Jenners can make a fortune and never even touch a dime from the athlete. They just need the action, boss. They just need a way to move content. They just need to keep the train rolling along. They just need brands to keep paying them. It’s a wild time when a model doesn’t need Ben Simmons’ future massive contract.
As for the Colangelo thing, the BDs are damn near speechless over a GM having that many burner accounts. To be that sloppy. Tuesday will go down as one of the most intense NSFWBD days in Philly sports history.

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