Danica Patrick Ends Her Racing Career With a Crash

Welp. It looks like Danica Patrick can officially look forward to her post-racing career of moving wellness books and wine, as she just crashed out of the Indianapolis 500. Danica’s run ended on Turn 2 of lap 68 when she lost control of her car and spun out into the wall — she was running in 17th place at the time of the crash:

Danica’s beat up green Go Daddy car gets towed away one last time:

Danica, of course, also crashed in her NASCAR finale at the Daytona 500. That unfortunate end was more misfortune than bad driving, however:

Danica’s post-race interview with ESPN:

First thing I said was I’m not sure really what what happened so it just seemed to come around. Seemed pretty late off the corner so I don’t know. They said they looked back at the data and it was kind of like a little lift in the middle. It was a little bit of understeer, and then back to it and just swung. Today was really disappointing for what we were hoping for, and what you want for your last race.

Yes, Aaron Rodgers was in the house:

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