Chloe Khan Isn’t Coming To Your BBQ, Jay Wright Takes His Dog To Game & Cricket Guy’s Arm Breaks

I know you’ll be at a backyard party…make sure you tell the guy running the show that you need Rockets at Warriors on the outdoor TV. That’s at 9 on TNT. Maybe you heard it’s a closeout game. Other than that you’ll get a bunch of the basics. Summer is here…time to fake care about sports.

Chloe Khan isn’t coming over to your BBQ

#MeToo(er) goes after Morgan Freeman

PornHub casting for the PornHub Games

Cricket guy breaks his arm…don’t click on this

Jay Wright takes his dog to Phillies game

Roach lays eggs in Florida Man’s ear…LIT AF FAM!

Arizona TV station with a great reminder this weekend

Here’s Analiese from Arizona State

This Is America #MDW Video of the Weekend

Your Moment of Flair…this is AMERICA!

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) May 26, 2018

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