European Golfer Snaps Club Over His Neck Bo Jackson Style After A Bad Shot

Ah, there really is nothing better than watching a golf lose his shit out there during a tournament. There are so many rules and etiquette that come with the game of golf that the always have to bottle up all this anger until finally that gasket blows.
Like, take Thomas Pieters here. You’ve never heard of this guy, I’ve never heard of this guy. He’s just your average, run of the mill golfer out there on the European Tour. But now I’m a fan because he put on a club snapping display this morning that would have Bo Jackson giving a standing O. We need more guys like this. Guys who will take that club and break it in half over his neck before his shot even reaches its apex.
The more I watch it, the more mesmerizing it gets. This makes guys who toss their clubs in the water look like a bunch of softies.
This ease of this seems like he’s done it before…oh wait.



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