Hassan Whiteside Throws Shade At The Heat, Wants To Shoot More Jumpers


Keeping a low profile does not appear to be Hassan Whiteside’s MO this offseason. One would assume that’d be the case after a truly disastrous postseason performance against the 76ers, but Hassan has other things in mind — like letting the front office know he can make uncontested jumpers in empty gyms with ease.
“Unless you know me, which 95 percent of y’all don’t, you don’t know I got that jumper,” Hassan proudly announced before sinking a flat-footed three. He then explained “there’s a difference between you can’t shoot and you’re not allowed.”
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Just four years ago Hassan was a feel-good story in the league. He spent four years playing on D-League teams and overseas before bursting onto the scene during the 2014-15 season. He was rewarded with a fat four-year, $98 million contract during the 2016 offseason and it’s all gone downhill since.
The Marshall product would be wise to get his affairs in order as there are rumors the Heat want to dump his ass over the summer. The Sun Sentinel’s Ira Winderman notes he wasn’t included on a team mural in downtown Miami:

The mural, which is an advertisement for Heat season tickets, features the slogan, “Cut through traffic, finish at the rim.” Next to the “cut through the traffic” portion of the oversized poster is a photo of All-Star guard Goran Dragic. However, next to the portion that reads “finish at the rim” is a photo of rookie center Bam Adebayo.

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