Freddie Freeman's Cat Rolls Into The House After A 6-Day Bender

The big drama on my IG timeline this week has surrounded Freddie Freeman’s Bengal cat that went missing. Benji, who probably cost Freddie & wife Chelsea a few Benjamins, strolled back home on Tuesday after a six-day bender that had a happy ending considering all that could’ve happened out on the mean streets around Freddie’s suburban neighborhood. Think of all the dangers.
The question now becomes: “Is Benji fixed or does he have a few baby mamas who will be knocking on Freddie’s door looking for kitten support payments?” I’ll have to throw out that question to Chelsea and see if we can get that one answered.
Chelsea Freeman writes:

YOU GUYS WE FOUND HIM!!!!! Thanks to the #nextdoor app and the sweet family who found him and called me. I received multiple messages that a brown and black cat was hit by a car and deceased this morning and I lost it… he was found at a house on the same road this afternoon. Thank you God for keeping him safe and bringing him back home… He is skinny and tired, but in good health otherwise. He is currently snuggling in bed with me. #6daysgone #foundcat🐈#sohappy❤

I remember when I was a kid we had a cat that you couldn’t keep in the house. That little shit would figure out a way to escape and then would be gone for like a month or so, just living it up. He’d come home all cut up — probably from a fight over a side piece — but that was the life he enjoyed. That cat would show up when he was finally in need of a home cooked meal.
As for Benji, something tells me he got bored of the 5-star lifestyle. You have to figure the Egyptian bedding became too much and he wanted to chase some tail. Can’t really blame a guy for wanting that lifestyle now and then. The problem now for Chelsea and Freddie is that Benji got a taste of life on the run and you know he loved the rush that is associated with not knowing where you’re going to sleep that night. It’s like going to Vegas for a 50-hour bender and not having a hotel reservation.
Good luck to the Freemans.

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