Floyd Mayweather Out Here Motivating His Haters To Get That Cash


Pretty much the only thing Floyd Mayweather does on Instagram is flaunt extravagant luxury goods and vacations. Occasionally he’ll taunt Conor McGregor, show off how much he made on video poker or promote the hell out of his strip club, but for the most part he’s mostly peacocking around the world and putting his 700 mill to use.
Turned off by Floyd’s garish displays on social? If so, he has a message to all the people out there who hate-follow him: he only posts the way he does to motivate haters to get their own cash. That’s certainly one way to view him posing in front of stacks of $100s:


For anyone still in need of inspiration to get off your ass so you can live like Floyd, we’ve gathered up pictures of Money posing with his money. You’ll either be motivated to unfollow him or buy a handbag after going through these pics.
Floyd looking out the window of his private jet with immaculately lined stacks of cash in front of him. Very casual:


Imagine rolling up to the sportsbook and dropping $50K on Isaiah Thomas:


Wow. More stacks lined up:


For salty Floyd haters in the EU, here are some pounds and Euros:


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