I'm Officially Scared Of Ogom Chijindu From The Lingerie Football League










I know, I know, I know…they don’t call it the Lingerie Football League these days. We went over this last week when I blogged how that’s what I’m going back to calling it because I’m all about pageviews, clickbait and trying to keep this operation afloat. I need to keep Danny the Intern’s electric turned on. That said, let’s meet LFL Nigerian Nightmare Ogom Chijindu, who made the league’s weekly email that was sent out to probably 5,000 media nerds and BC will be like one of 5 to publish a blog on Ogom.
Anyway, let’s take a look at what the LFL office has to say about Ogom:

In the LFL’s WOW Clip of the Week, we introduce you to the most-fears LFL athlete, Nigerian-born Ogom Chijindu. The Los Angeles Temptation cornerback is also considered the dirtiest and meanest player in the league. On this night, open her wrath on the entire Chicago Bliss roster.
Chijindu is also featured on this season’s VH1 Basketball Wives.

I watched that full video above and I can say with all honesty I’d be terrified to get clotheslined by her if my only protection was a hockey helmet. Here’s the other crazy part of this story: OG has played like 10 years in the LFL. That’s absolute insanity. She should easily be a first ballot HOFer.
As for away from the field, you can catch Ogom on VH1’s Basketball Wives. I’m not up on the Basketball Wives scene, but from what Google searches tell me, her boyfriend is Kwame Alexander, a 6’5″ small forward who plays overseas.

LFL submitted this one! AHHHHHH

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