Eagles Fan Angry At Brandon Graham And His "***hole Teammates" For Skipping White House Visit


Brandon Graham is one of the many Philadelphia Eagles who have chosen not to visit Donald Trump’s White House. While not a big deal for people who have more important things to worry about, you better believe it’s seen as a slight of epic proportions in MAGA land.
Graham unfortunately had to deal with the Trump crowd this week when he received angry fan mail from some clown who allegedly loves America. He shared the message on his Instagram story:
If that was tough to read, here’s the full letter from the guy who wants to “fire and release” a chunk of the team:

RE: Lacking respect both for President Trump and our country
Dear Brandon,
I always felt you were an all right guy, who loved America, but you have clearly shown your intense hatred of America!
I am appalled that you and a couple of your asshole team-mates are turning down an offer made by President Trump to visit our nations White House, as the Super Bowl Football Champions.
If I owned the Eagles Football Team everyone one of you would have been fired and released immediately when you decided not to visit Washington.
To say I am truly disappointed in your decision is tremendously understated. And as a result I am no longer a fan of yours.
It would be great news, to me, to see you let go from the team.
You have my complete and utter contempt,
Robert W Kallman

Graham did not block out Kallman’s address so I’m fully expecting Eagles fans to TP this dude’s house. Maybe climb up a light pole if there are any.

Graham only recorded a huge forced fumble during SB 52…


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