Alexis Ren Boxing, JJ Watt Steps Up Again & Odell Beckham Hammering A Baseball

Celtics-Cavs Game 3 is tonight in Cleveland and I saw last night that LEEBS was indicating that he just might be at tonight’s game. He mentioned something about having new seats. We’ll see if it actually happens. I’m starting to believe the Cavs banned him. It’s also Freakness Preakness Saturday in Baltimore. Good luck to all those hoping to survive that mess. Look for that race to happen sometime around 6 on NBC. And then NBC will roll right into Caps-Lightning. NASCAR counters all of it with its all-star race. Yeehaw.

Alexis Ren boxing IN THIS…ho-ly fucc

Here’s Caitlin Jenner’s 21 yr old transgender slam piece

JJ Watt will pay funerals for school shooting victims

Odell Beckham cracks a huge dong 

You won’t believe why Florida Man baseball coach is in big trouble…has to do with an ump

This Florida Man walked naked through his neighborhood carrying cooking oil, cops allege

Let’s watch this Waco TV anchor try to break a piece of wood on live TV

Here’s Kayla from North Florida

When The Interns Let Management Know How It’s Going To Be On Internship Fridays This Summer Video of the Weekend

Your Moment of Flair…it's summer internship Friday & you have a message for management

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