Rockets Fan Amanda Seems To Be Enjoying The Western Conference Finals

It never fails, some attractive woman attends a playoff game and we turn her into a superstar. This site wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for ladies from coast-to-coast attending sporting events, especially when there’s something on the line like a spot in the Finals against the Celtics.
Enter Rockets fan Amanda. No clue why I started following her on IG. There’s usually some sort of hook like she plays golf or is a sideline reporter. Can’t really tell why Amanda got the all important follow. I don’t just clog up the timeline with a bunch of hot IG models. then all of a sudden I start seeing IG Story pics this week of Amanda at the Warriors-Rockets series. BOOM…instant post.
Some Internet nerds will make fun of me or BC in general saying we just post these ladies because they’re hot and it’s just clickbait. Partly WRONG. Of course it’s clickbait. It’s no different than the nerd sports blogs out here sweating HR moves by Barstool and doing it for pageviews. The difference is that we have to entertain guys who are working a miserable job or living a miserable life. The nerd sports bloggers are trying to inform their fellow nerd friends. As you guys know, I didn’t start BC to become some nerd sports blogger. I was working a job I sorta hated and wanted to do something fun.
So that means you get Amanda at the Western Conference Finals trying to out-hot the rest of the Rockets ladies. Game on!

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