Typical Dumb Politicians In Toledo, Ohio Give Jim Harbaugh A Key To The City, Don't Have One For Jason Candle

Remember Friday morning when I crushed the politicians in Toledo, OH for giving Jim Harbaugh (28-11 at Michigan; Brady Hoke was 26-13 at the same point) a key to the city because he just happened to be in town doing some fundraising and they had a glass key laying around? Remember how I brought up the fact that the dumb politicians in that city (I don’t live there — my town is way too perfect for those losers) gave Harbaugh the key, but the dumb politicians can’t seem to find a key for Toledo Rockets head coach Jason Candle (21-7 through two seasons & a bowl game), the guy who just led the team to a MAC title and was named MAC Coach of the Year?
Yeah, well now the university is speaking up — through media mouthpiece Jordan Strack — that they’re not too happy with the city and the way it handles glass key giveaways. Guess who jumped all over the city Friday morning, like 8 hours after the biggest insult in Keys To The City history. I DID. Seems like someone at the university was listening because now there seems to be a campaign to get Candle some recognition out of the city where he pays taxes for roads that are complete garbage. I cringe when someone wants me to drive in that city. Avoid it at all costs. Take Uber, let that guy destroy his car. Politicians keep finding a way to not repave roads. Total disaster.
Anyway, I waste no time going after Toledo mayor (D) Wade Kapszukiewicz. You barely have to watch this video and I’m crushing him. I’m sure he’s a decent human being, but his gift giving decision-making is absurd:

Here’s the stupid key they gave Harbaugh:

Let’s not forget what Jason Candle has done for Toledo. The guy coached up and then sent Kareem Hunt to the NFL and then millions of dollars in free marketing for the city on opening night of the NFL season when Hunt dropped three TDs on the Patriots and ripped off 17 carries for 148 yards and had another 98 yards receiving. In front of a massive national audience with people hammering their phones to find out what planet Hunt was dropped in from.
Nobody wanted Kareem Hunt coming out of high school. He ends up at Toledo and Candle turns him into an absolute machine. You’d think the guy would get a key to the city for producing a PFWA Rookie of the Year. Nope.
Here’s the head of a billion dollar health care network in Toledo pretty much wondering how long he’ll be watching the best young coach in America on the local sideline. BROOOOOOOO get the guy a key to the city already. My god. You and your green logo own the city, get him a Promedica glass key.


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