Bellator Fighter Paul Daley Boos His Opponent (Along With The Crowd) Mid-Fight

We’re not huge MMA guys over here at BC, but I’ve watched a decent amount of fights and never have I seen a fighter talk shit and boo his opponent while he’s on the ground getting punched in the face. That’s what we got from Paul Daley last night.
So I did a little research and read up on what the hardcore MMA guys thought about this. Apparently, Jon Fitch is a grappler, so he was going for takedowns all night, while Daley is the kind of guy who will knock you out with a flying knee or some shit. The problem here is that Fitch kept getting Daley to the ground and peppering him with soft punches all the way to a decision win.
Daley is clearly not the type of guy who wants to roll around on the ground for three rounds, along with the fans who want some action. After enough of it, the fans started booing and Daley chimed in with his shit talk once he got close enough to a ringside mic.

“You’re going to get lots of fans with this Bellator. Millions. Millions of fans. This is cool. Bullshit. Look it’s like the crowd can hear me. They’re booing! Boooooo!”

As expected, Fitch won the fight in a close decision after three boring ass rounds. BOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Daley used to be a UFC fighter….he got banned for life for this

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