Jalen Ramsey's Twitter Trash Talk Game Is In Mid-Season Form

Jalen Ramsey has been pretty quiet this off-season and if we’re being honest, he’s been quiet really since the Jags lost the AFC Championship to the Patriots. Probably a good thing after he predicted a win over the Pats followed by a “we gon’ win that bitch” in regards to the Super Bowl.

But we knew the internet’s favorite NFL shit-talker wasn’t going to be quiet for too long. Now that the draft is over, we’re finally starting to look ahead towards next season and Jalen is back on his Twitter game. Today, he gave his thoughts on new Bills QB Josh Allen.

For those who need the video:

It’s good to have Jalen back on his game. He’s even going outside of his division. Look, there’s nothing better than a shit talking corner. Luckily for us, the best corner in the NFL also happens to be the best shit talker. Give us more of this and welcome to the NFL, Josh.
Jalen ended up deleting the tweet and followed up with this.

Go ahead and circle November 25th on your calendar


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