TJ McConnell Suited Up For His Exit Interview

76ers guard TJ McConnell apparently dresses to impress.
Just a day after getting ousted from the postseason, TJ opted not to phone it in and wear sweats to exit interview day. Instead, he broke out his finest suit — specifically, his wedding suit — and once again outperformed Ben Simmons.
TJ on the decision to wear his wedding attire (via Kenny Ducey):

Just trying to be professional. I see the word interview and I don’t think I’d ever go in to an interview with sweatpants on or shorts. That was my mindset so I put my wedding suit on and came in and tried to impress Bryan and Brett.

McConnell (probably) last wore this suit last September when he married Valerie Guiliani. The suit has obviously seen better days:

Here are McConnell’s teammates not giving 110 percent:

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