Meet Chelsea Townsend — Former NBA And NFL Cheerleader Who Was Voted Off Survivor

Is anybody still watching Survivor these days? I know it’s basically the show that created this crazy wave of reality TV we’ve seen over the last 20 years or so, but I just can’t believe we’re up to season 36 of sending people to a deserted island. I figured most people tapped out in like 2004 or 2005 with this show, but here we are.
For those of you still riding with Jeff Probst and the crew, you already know about former Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Rams cheerleader, Chelsea Townsend. For those who stopped watching Survivor a decade ago, I figured we could introduce her after she was voted off the island last night.
Like mentioned, she was a former Jazz dancer while she attended the University of Utah, then moved to LA where she officially became a two-sport star when she made the Rams cheerleading squad. Then she made the move to Survivor where she apparently dominated the immunity challenges before getting the boot last night.

Here’s Chelsea’s ‘Survivor’ Bio:

Age: 24
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Current residence: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: EMT/Pro Cheerleader
Hobbies: Hiking, camping, and enjoying time with family and friends.
Pet peeves: People with constantly pessimistic or negative energy.
Three words to describe you: Outgoing, dynamic, and driven.
What’s your personal claim to fame?
Graduating college. I grew as a person and learned a lot about dedication and self-motivation. It gave me the foundation to continue my education and pursue a career as a physician assistant.
Who or what is your inspiration in life?
My family. I have the most supportive and loving family. They constantly challenge me to be the very best version of myself. I love being able to pursue my passions and dreams knowing they will always be there to help me along the way.
If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why?
A mattress to get a good night’s rest, a toothbrush because I can’t imagine not brushing my teeth for more than a day, and definitely food because nobody likes starving.
Which Survivor contestant are you most like?
Parvati. I think I could use my charm to build relationships, and I think I have the competitive spirit and wit she had.
What’s your reason for being on Survivor?
It is the experience of a lifetime. You get to push yourself to your absolute limits and challenge yourself in a unique way. I believe I will learn a lot about myself and become a stronger person physically and mentally. The money would of course be helpful as well. I am looking to attend graduate school in the near future and it would be nice to not have any student loans after school.
Why do you think you’ll “survive” Survivor?
I have the traits needed to make me successful. I am a hard worker who is extremely driven to reach my goals. I am agile and athletic from a background in dance and gymnastics. I am personable and get along well with people of all backgrounds and ages. I am a competitor and love a good challenge.

Maybe we’ll see her back on the sidelines next season.

[IG – Chelsea]

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