Sydney Maler’s Going To Mess Around & Land Some NBA Big Man, Yadier Molina – No Sex Advice & Wayne Buys His Old House

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Looking at life through rose colored glasses

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Here we go with more closeout games: Jazz at Rockets and Pelicans at Warriors. Are we really going to be in a situation where there’s no NBA from Wednesday-Sunday? We just missed out on another week of Bron Bron because the Raptors can’t get their shiit together. TNT has the games tonight. Enjoy. You might not get NBA action for several days.

Sydney Maler’s doctor went a little big

Docs advise Yadier Molina to miss 6 weeks of sex

Britt McHenry allegedly blows off assignment at new job

Wayne Gretzky drops $13.5M on his old house that he sold to Lenny Dykstra for $18.5M

Tigers radio guy on the DL — he lost his voice

Caps win…dad on baby duty does his best to celebrate & not wake up the baby

This Florida Woman called 911 for paramedics…they arrive…she tells them she needs beer 

Here’s Caitlyn from Minnesota

Gisele’s Big Night Out With Her Husband Video of the Week

Wait for it.

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