Good News, Browns Fans, Baker Mayfield's Bowling Skills Are Garbage…He's Clearly Working On Being Better QB

Are you a Browns fan who has been wondering if Baker Mayfield has transformed into Johnny Mayfield, I can report today that everything is all good. From what I see, Bake hasn’t been doing much Hollywood other than a bowling trip Monday night with girlfriend Emily Wilkinson and her Wilkinson brothers who are supposedly famous on social media for music or something. You know what Johnny wasn’t doing on a Monday in May? Bowling. He was getting LITTY at some Drake show.
That said, this has to be great news for Browns fans. Baker Mayfield’s bowling seems to be garbage, which obviously means that he has his head in a playbook and wants the starting job from Tygod when camp ends in September. Girlfriend Emily posted a pic or video — I forget — this morning of herself in bed and mentions how she woke up by herself because Bake was already off studying tape.
A real first guy in, last guy out kinda football player. I’m telling you, Browns fans just might have reason to be excited because you know Johnny wasn’t studying tape in May. He was probably in Dallas getting all LITTY AF with his homies while wrecking some BnB.
Meanwhile, Albert Breer made headline(s) over the weekend when he told Jason from The Big Lead that the Browns were the only team so high on Bake:

Look, I can tell you this point blank – the Browns were the only team drafting in the top 5 that didn’t have Sam [Darnold] as their #1 QB.

Blah, blah, blah. These guys will just throw out a bunch of shitt over and over again just to keep the machine rolling. Every word of it could be true and I’d still just consider Breer or Schefty carnival barkers because they’re just repeating what an agent or GM tells them — for a reason.

Anyway, Baker’s bowling game isn’t the best:

[protected-iframe id=”7d0fd8b1a25f249ffaa82b3ba0fef2d5-22577676-23105199″ info=”” width=”560″ height=”615″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

And he seems to actually like the Browns:

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