Meet Jenna Berman — Girlfriend of Cardinals #2 Prospect Jack Flaherty

We might as well startĀ getting to know Jack Flaherty now because before long he is going to be planted firmly in the St. Louis Cardinals rotation. Right now has Flaherty ranked as theirĀ #2 prospect, but he’s already had a cup of coffee in the big leagues. Last week he was called up to make a quick spot start due to an injury, last year even made 5 starts as a 21-year old. Like I said, eventually the NL central will be seeing him every fifth day, it’s just a matter of when.

For now, we’ll focus off the field for a minute and introduce Jack’s smoking hot girlfriend Jenna Berman. She’s a student at Florida Atlantic and is probably one of the girls Lane Kiffin saw walking around campus that made him want to sign that 10-year extension to stay at FAU back in December.

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