Meet David Fizdale's Wife Natasha Sen

The New York Knicks surprisingly made a good move last week by hiring David Fizdale to be their new head coach. Knicks fans have been dealing with the likes of Mike Woodson, Derek Fisher, Kurt Rambis, and Jeff Hornacek for like six years, so this is obviously a major step up for the franchise.
Coach Fiz, of course, last worked with the Memphis Grizzlies — he led them to one postseason appearance before randomly getting fired after 19 games this season. You might remember notable NBA players (LeBron, Dwyane Wade, Isaiah Thomas) were pissed about that move, but all is well now, Fiz got to make some money doing media spots on ESPN and now he has a high-profile gig with the Knicks.
Off the court, Coach Fiz is married to Natasha Sen. We introduced you guys to her when the Grizzlies hired Fiz back in 2016, but we figured a new post would be best now that he’s coaching a team people actually care about.
Natasha graduated from OCAD University in Toronto and is the principal/creative director of The Creative Penny in Miami. The two got married in 2014 — check out photos of the two in the gallery above.
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