Meet Gerrit Cole's Wife Amy Cole

We already know that the defending champ Houston Astros are going to be right back in the mix this season with that disgusting lineup and 4 starting pitchers returning. Now you add in the fact that they have All-Star Gerrit Cole, who they traded for this off-season, into that rotation alongside Verlander and Keuchel and McCullers and Morton, and it’s just not fair.
Last night proved what the rest of the AL will be dealing with this pitching staff after Cole tossed a cool 1 hit, complete-game shutout, with 16 K’s thrown in there for good measure. This team is a juggernaut.

With that said, I think it makes sense we re-introduce Gerrit’s wife Amy Cole. You might remember her as the sister of Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford. We brought her to the internet’s attention way back in 2013 when they were just dating, but now I think that spotlight just got bigger so why not run it back?
I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Amy sitting next to Kate Upton come playoff time when those FOX cameras cut to the stands every 2 minutes.

Meet Paola From Miami
Meet Paola From Miami
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