Brad Marchand Can’t Stop Licking His Opponents

Brad Marchand is just trying to show Leo Komarov how much he loves the #StanleyCup playoffs đź’‹

— Hockey Night in Canada (@hockeynight) April 13, 2018

A few weeks back during the first round of the NHL playoffs, you might remember us posting the video of Bruins forward Brad Marchand going in for a nice lick/peck on the cheek on his opponent Leo Komarov. It was early in the playoffs and I made sure to make the point that this was setting the tone for the intensity we could expect for the next couple of months.

Little did I know, that my little joke actually turned out to be true. Brad Marchand apparently took that comment to heart and brought his tongue with him to the second round. Last night he broke it out on the Lightning’s Ryan Callahan.

Marchand is licking people again

— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) May 5, 2018

So now I think we’ve gotten to the point where Marchand is beyond the “I’m just trying to get in their head” excuse. I defended him with that the first time, but now we’ve reached the point where I think he’s physically addicted to licking his opponents.

This is like Grayson Allen and tripping people. Once you start, it’s tough to break that cycle, so I think we can probably expect about 4-5 more licks before these playoffs end. He’s so far gone now that we actually have people discussing whether he should get penalized for this. Incredible.