Would You Be More Likely To Buy A House If The Realtor Threw In A Large Pizza With Purchase?

New Jersey real estate agent Traci Tarantola is running a very interesting promotion on her for sale signs around Ocean County where she slings houses and where things appear to be incredibly cutthroat in a hot market where buyers have options and Traci wants to lock down as many deals as possible. Her trick of the trade: offer up free pizza when you sign on that dotted line. Close a deal, get a pizza on Traci.
I’m still waiting to hear back if Traci will throw in any extras. I assume Traci would add in a pitcher of MGD to seal the deal, but who knows. Maybe she’s not allowed to offer up any brewskis because of some archaic real estate marketing rule. I’ll let you guys know if she responds.

I remember buying a house with Mrs. BC back in 2010. There were no free pizza offers, but it was the time when the government was offering up $8,000 tax credits to first time home buyers as part of the economic stimulus package. We were never offered up a free pizza. Looking back we probably should’ve negotiated that with the real estate agent. Treated it like some NFL contract where there are all sorts of bonuses included. Escalators.
You want me to buy this house, I’m going to need a case of beer each week for a year. 52 cases of Busch Light. Cold. Delivered to the garage fridge. Hey, you want the sale or not? It’s time to start putting some pressure on these agents. Make them earn. I even like the idea of making agents offer up items to represent the buyer. You could make your agent throw in pizza for a year and the selling agent handle the beer.
Time to start getting creative out there, guys.
Have you ever negotiated some sort of decent perk into a home purchase? Let me know. I’d love to hear some stories.
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