Jessica Simpson Busts Back On The Scene, Donovan Mitchell Chuckles & TCU Losing Its Holiness

Here we gooooooooo…it’s going to be either LeBron is tired and beat up or LeBron carries the worst team he’s ever carried in the playoffs & he’s never had to carry a team like this before. Those are the options tonight for the journalists and TV screamers. And you get Pelicans-Warriors. There are also two NHL games that will get trounced in the ratings. That’s nothing abnormal. I’m not even sure what ESPN is countering with.
Jessica Simpson dumps ’em out
Yodel Kid is killin it on Spotify
OMFG! Major IG drama between Kim & Tristan
Boston fans make Donovan Mitchell laugh…ROY DRAMA! 
TCU to start selling beer at baseball games…I thought it was Texas Christian University…hmmm?
This Florida Man went TF OFF at a Burger King, broke off drive-thru speaker box
Local TV News Intern Fail of the Day
Here’s Annie from Florida

Cheese of the Week

Burger of the Day

Gabriella Abutbol Gets Monday Rolling, Newest Bron Bron Drama & AHL Goalie Went TF Off
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