Tom Brady Hater/Broncos Fan Dropped Money On An Eagles Super Bowl Tattoo

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It’s no surprise Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have real estate in the minds of many Denver Broncos fans. They’ve had many battles over the years and, of course, had Tom’s nemesis Peyton Manning as their quarterback for a couple years so the animosity makes sense.
That being said, one Broncos diehard took his hatred of Teflon Tom and the Pats next level by committing to an Eagles Super Bowl 52 tat above his left knee. As you can see below, this guy, who happened to be wearing Broncos shorts, a Broncos hat, and Brandon Stokley jersey, has the Eagles logo and the initials “FYTB” inked on him for life:

There you go. If you want to prove you hate Tom more than this guy you have to come up with something that tops a tat of another team’s triumph. Maybe Tom getting guillotined? Tom being force fed products with gluten? There are many ways to go about your totally healthy disdain of an athlete.

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